Welcome to my website. My name is Maria Hiltunen and I am an MTI registered Holistic Massage Therapist working in Severn Beach and surrounding areas. Read more about me…

My holistic massage treatments are tailored to your individual needs, aiming to help and support you in your everyday life. Sessions usually take place on a massage table, using fragrance-free oils. But if you prefer it is always an option to receive a seated session or work through clothes, without using any oil. Read more about holistic massage…

Maria is an excellent massage therapist. Firstly she is very personable and naturally makes you feel at ease. Once on the massage table, she has the ability to make me switch off from the outside world (something I struggle with!), and melt into the table. Her massages relieve me of my normal aches and pains – she really is amazing! I would recommend to anyone wanting a massage!


Maria has a friendly and relaxed demeanour and will very quickly make you feel relaxed and at ease, even before the massage has begun.
She gives a beautiful and sensitive treatment, responding intuitively to my needs as they arise, her hands telling me what my body has to say and melting anything that comes up.
I would highly recommend my friend Maria as a massage therapist for I have seen her skill and dedication as a practitioner, and I know that she will take the greatest care with you.