Your Massage Session


Sessions usually take place on a massage table, using fragrance-free oils. But if you prefer it is always an option to receive a seated session or work through clothes, without using any oil.

Treatment tailored to your needs

Your first visit will include a confidential consultation. We will chat about your history to gain relevant information so that I can tailor the best possible session to suit your needs.

Your massage can be a full body massage or focus on specific body areas, as required.  Sessions can last from a ½ hour to two hours and can be anything from a therapeutic, relaxing massage to release of deeper tension and knotted muscles. For a full body massage it is best to book at least a one hour treatment.

How the session goes will depend entirely on how you are feeling in your body and mind at that moment and what you want from it. It will be your time and space.

During the massage I will ask you for feedback, for example the amount of pressure with which you feel comfortable. This way I will be guided by your experience and you will reach a deeper level of self-awareness.

Through clothes or with oil?

It is your choice. There are many massage strokes that can be done through clothes, when working without oils. If you decide to work with oils,  I give you some privacy while you can undress as far as you feel comfortable. You are always covered with a sheet, only the area of your body being worked on is uncovered.

What kind of massage oil do you use?

The massage oil that I use is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. It has a light texture so can easily be absorbed by the skin. It leaves skin with a light, silky and soft feel.

Can I have a seated massage?

Seated massage is always an option if you feel more comfortable that way.

Do you play music during my treatment?

Gentle music can help relaxing but if you prefer, treatments can be carried out in silence.

How often should I have a treatment?

It is your choice. Even one treatment can make a difference to how you are feeling. The benefits of massage and bodywork are often more effective, when received on a regular basis. This may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs.

If you are suffering from a chronic problem, it is often beneficial to have several treatments close together and then you can reduce the frequency as your body starts to feel better.

After care advise

We can explore how a condition has arisen and what might be done in everyday life to lessen, and maybe avoid, its recurrence.

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

If you can, allow yourself to rest or have quality time after your treatment. Ideally avoid any kind of physical, mental or emotional stress. It is also recommended to avoid alcohol or any strong stimulants.